PFC Contracting, Inc.
The Balcony people

Custom Home Balconies

  For more than 19 years, PFC Contracting has provided contractors with custom concrete balconies for custom homes.  PFC listens closely to the builders to integrate their design into the PFC system to develop a waterproofed balcony with finish tailored to fit the needs of the builder. 

 The system begins at the framing stage.  PFC's project managers coordinate with the framers to assist in the creation of a structure that will ensure a long life without leaking problems or significant cracks. 

Most long-term owners of a balcony recognize an important feature on a balcony to be a tightly waterproofed slab.  This is why the next next step of installing a rubber membrane on the balcony is the most vital for a long-lasting balcony.  The rubber membrane  allows the slab to shift without compromising the surface with excessive cracks.  Metal pan systems have a history to be less flexible and crack the balcony instead of shifting.  Also, the metal pan system has shown to have rust corrosion bleed through the surface over time.  

Aluminum flashing is installed into the membrane in a method that allows incoming water to drain over the edge of the building instead of puddling on the balcony.  The flashing along the walls and door is set before the bricking and doors are put into place to provide extra protection from water entering the house.  If handrails are going to be installed, post feet (shown above) are placed on the balcony before the job is poured for a welder to attach the metal railing. 

PFC's trained professionals pump the concrete onto the job using volumetric trucks.  The concrete is smoothed out and given time to cure out after being poured.  Once the balcony has had a chance to solidify, our finishers groove the joints in the concrete to guide possible cracks. 

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