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Concrete Balconies


PFC Contracting has developed a reputation as the prime choice in balcony construction from the years of experience in constructing superior balconies as well as replacing inferior balconies. 

Having a balcony on an apartment has become a norm in the multifamily industry.  Builders will often have general concrete contractors install the balconies as an effort to cut costs.  When a balcony is not prepared for harsh weather conditions, excessive cracking and leaking will occur.   Repairing the water damage and replacing the balcony can become a timely and expensive process that can be easily avoided.


Gypsum Floor Underlayment

Levelrock Underlayment is typically poured at 1/2- to 3/4- inch thickness, and has strengths ranging from 2,500 to 8,000 psi.  Our underlayments have a 4 hour fire rating on precast concrete assemblies and 1 to 2 hour fire rating on wood frame assemblies. 

Solving Problems:

The most common complaint from residents that lease in apartments is too much noise.  Having pets, children, or high traffic in a residence has proven to only increase the discomfort for the neighboring tenants.  These uncontrollable sounds may make the units in a building difficult to sell or lease.

This complaint is very frequent among units that have inefficient accommodations for floor-to-ceiling sound.  The most effective way to eliminate the sound is to provide numerous floor coverings, such as the Levelrock Underlayment System and Sound Reduction Board By providing multiple layers designed to isolate the sound transmitted, privacy is restored to a unit, creating satisfied, long-lasting tenants.

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