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 PFC Contracting is certified as an applicator of the interior floor underlayment called Levelrock®.  Levelrock® underlayment is available in a variety of strengths ranging from 2,500 psi to 6,000 psi, depending on the durability required on the job.  Levelrock® has an excellent fire rating, sound resistance, and can be surfaced with a variety of floor coverings, such as carpeting, tile, vinyl, and wood laminate.

The most recognized benefits from our clients has been the low cost required to apply the underlayment and the quick installation time.  Levelrock® sets within two hours, allowing construction to continue the very next day.

Whether the job is a remodel or new construction, Levelrock® is the solution to your flooring needs.

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For renovation jobs that require the floor to be leveled at shallower depths (Quick-Top can be poured to as little a 1/8" thick) without sacrificing strength or durability.  For a project profile using Quick-Top to fix a floor, click here.

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