PFC Contracting, Inc.
PFC Contracting, Inc.

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The History of PFC Contracting

Founded in 1990, PFC Contracting began with a focus on remodeling balconies and interior subfloors of apartments, expanding into new apartment construction shortly after.  In 1997, PFC began broadening the marketing segmentation toward residential general contractors by cooperating with the framers and contractor to develop a system to deliver a high quality balcony, while maintaining a strong presence in the multi-family construction. 

The floor leveling product called Levelrock┬« was first offered in 2000.  With the  tough economy and decrease in residential construction in recent years,  PFC Contracting has expanded toward larger commercial projects, such as installing the underlayment of entire hotel floorplans, innovative classroom designs, and other types of multi-level projects. 

Maintaining Higher Standards

PFC Contracting, Inc. attends the World of Concrete yearly to adhere to the latest advancements in concrete technology.  PFC integrates these products into their system to provide contractors with a higher, more-consistent quality, while maintaining a competitive cost.
PFC also promotes a safer workplace by following O.S.H.A. standards and having regularly scheduled safety meetings. 

Our goal is to provide a first-class concrete flooring at a competitive cost.

Member of these reputable organizations:

  • National Association of Homebuilders
  • International Concrete Repair Institute
  • Texas Association of Builders
  • Homebuilders Association of Greater Dallas
  • Greater Fort Worth Builders Association
  • Hood County Builders Association

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